Music class for an infant

Dear Berkeley Parents, I have a 5 month old baby who loves a handful of simple songs - drops everything and listens quietly and intently when they are playing.

I was wondering if you know if any classes I could take him to in the summer when he will be 8 months old - something that would help him make some intentional sounds and be a fun hangout for him and me.

I am in downtown Berkeley and I looked on yelp and found one that seems interesting (jingle jamboree music), but it looks like Jeffrey does not do infant classes any longer.

Thank you!


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Check out East Bay Music Together classes.
My daughter loved them when she was a baby.

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We love East Bay Music!!!  its for all ages and they have a ton of fun/interactive songs, they have all sorts of classes in the EB and fun teachers!

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Music Together with Ryk Groetchen. He is wonderful with children of all ages and the program is musically sound. I am a professional musician and I learned a ton from Ryk about how babies and little kids absorb music— as well as some parenting tips! Highly highly recommend. My daughter is now almost 6 and plays violin with remarkable musical expression— and I really believe Ryk and Music Together contributed.  

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I highly recommend Music Together. Both my kids really enjoyed the classes. We did it from age 6 month to around 3-4 years old. There are many different song collections, so every session has new songs, and you get access to play the songs at home, in the car, etc. The classes incorporate instruments, dancing, and singing.

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We loved Music Together. They have tons of teachers and classes in the East Bay. We started when my daughter was around 6 months and in addition to loving the music, we made some really good friends in the classes. It's a great new parent activity. 

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I already responded to another post this week asking about musical instruments for a 4 year old, but Miss Edith Szendrey’s class is great for babies too.


My infant loves it! She smiles and is happy the whole time, watching and listening to the big kids while she grasps maracas and bells :) multiple times she was fussy in the morning and in the car on the way to Miss Edith’s, but happy as a clam at class. I really think she is getting something out of the experience, and it’s just a nice vibe in the room. I’m glad I found these classes.