Piano teacher for 9 year old


I am looking for a piano/ keyboard tutor for my musically inclined nine year old boy in the 

El cerrito/ Albany/ Berkeley areas.

He has been learning from youtube but now he feels the need for a real tutor who can teach him to read sheet music and help him explore the nuances of music.

He wants to do multiple instruments as well. We are looking for recommendations for tutors who are enthusuastic, relaxed, fun loving and will give him the freedom to explore and enjoy music.

Thank you,


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My almost-16 year old daughter has been taking piano for about 8 years in South Berkeley from Eric Glickrieman and he's wonderful--relaxed, skilled, able to adjust to your child's style and musical interests, and he also does some guitar teaching, as well. Additionally, he's a professional keyboard improviser and if your kid likes that, he teaches them about composition and improvisation from a very early stage.