multi-day caregiving rates? & creative arrangements

Greetings BPN families:

I’m wanting to get a sense of the going rate for a weekend of care including 2-3 over-nights…and welcome any shares in how to calculate this and/or creatively exchange for care-giving support.
I am committed to drumming at a mindful & indigenous healing focused women’s camping retreat in a few weeks (and just learned that I can’t bring my sun, who’s just under 2). I am frustrated by that and also don’t want to let down my fellow drum mates. I have a nanny who’s willing and available for overnights, but/and the hourly rate, times 72+ hours adds up quite quickly…and will easily stretch my budget and be a barrier to attend.
The nanny and I are both new to calculating or figuring out a fair amount — so figured I’d ask this group. Thanks for any suggestions.
I also have a couple more multi-day trainings or commitments this summer so any insight would be helpful.

I am solo-parenting a very friendly and independent nearly 2 year old cis-boy…intending to grow our community of parents and families, and genuinely practice a supportive co-existence. We currently live on Shoreline Drive in Alameda and are also seeking in-house/live-in support through the summer and a after that, a more community oriented or (co-) housing situation that is more sustainable for a healthy way of living in the Bay Area. 

Thanks for reading.

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Our nanny charges her regular rate for when they are awake and then $150 for overnight. 

I pay $175 flat fee from 5pm-10am. Awake hours are then the usual rate.