Mow and Blow Gardener?

I am looking for a good gardener to clean up my mess of a front and side yard and to at least prepare it for planting. Help planting might also be appreciated, but I don't think I can afford the fancy designers that are generally listed here. So "mow and blow" may be the way to go. I live in Berkeley.

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We love our gardener- Luis. He helped us with a similar project when we got our new place and worked hard to rehab our yard :)

Gardella Gardening Service

lgardella20 [at]

510 847 0411

RE: Mow and Blow Gardener? ()

I highly recommend Natividad Quintero’s Gardening Services. He has done some light yard work for me and charged me a reasonable price. I have also recommended him a few times and friends have been very satisfied with his work. You can reach him at 510-778-6714