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Hi, My family is planning on moving to Modesto sometime this spring. Does anyone know if there is something similar to BPN? Any activities for 2 & 3 year olds? Schools? Life in general in the valley and away from the Bay Area? 

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Hello! Nice to meet you! I would be curious to find out if there are any others who have moved to the Central Valley.  My husband and I recently moved to Stockton from Rockridge and are expecting our first child (very soon!).  Haven't found anything like this group or much of a parent network in the area yet, but have only just started looking.  As far as life away from the Bay Area...I'll be honest, it has been an adjustment.  But I was extremely hesitant about the move.  And overall, it's much better than I anticipated. As far as activities, one of the best parts of the move is being much closer to the mountains and forest.  We love hiking in Big Trees State Park (noticed several easy, paved family trails), going to Pinecrest Lake, and a quick overnight to Yosemite is totally doable. Good luck with the move this spring!

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We just returned from five years in Fresno. I can't speak to Modesto in particular because I've only been there briefly for work, but I will offer my perspective on valley life. It was a big culture shock for us with some positives but ultimately more negatives. 

The cost of living is low, Yosemite is not far and there is a more polite and kid-friendly vibe than in the Bay Area. You will be more likely to experience people holding doors open for you or giving you an encouraging smile if your child cries in a restaurant.

We were frustrated by the lack of amenities (good restaurants, cultural attractions) and what I consider to be the lower expectations of people in general, manifesting itself in low educational attainment and little interest in travel or reading. Schools are poor and don't often do a good job of preparing students for college or for a life of intellectual rigor since many kids don't get past the junior college level. Since few people move TO the valley (leaving the valley is more common), many have insular social networks and prefer to hang with their families and childhood friends rather than meeting new people. The summers are punishingly hot and my entire family developed asthma symptoms, which I still experience on trips back. 

Modesto is not terribly far from the Bay Area so you could stay very connected though I recommend you really try to embed yourself in your new community before escaping back home, at least for a time. The flagship Gallo winery is in the heart of Modesto and employs a number of technical and international people, which probably gives the town some flavor. 

You are welcome to message me if you want to discuss further, either before or after the move. Good luck!