Moving to Elk Grove - need recommendations please

My husband and I are moving to Elk Grove with our 8-month old this August. We are just another family hoping to get a breather from the high cost of living. We are currently in Piedmont Pines. We have seen a few older threads on this, but would love to get your thoughts/recommendations on the following: 

  • Areas to consider: We are looking at the "Pocket" and also Elk Grove. Safety and good public schools are important. Are there other neighborhoods that you would recommend? 
  • Parents Network: Are there any parent networks (Facebook etc.) that you can recommend? I can't find too many resources online. 
  • Childcare: If anyone can recommend childcare options in Elk Grove, that would be especially helpful! We are hoping to either find a nanny share or a smaller in-home option, but we'd consider anything. 

Your help is much appreciated! 

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Please share any responses re: parent networks!  We're relocating to the North Notomas area and had considered Elk Grove. North Notomas has decent public schools (not as strong in the High Schools as Elk Grove - but we're only really looking at elementary schools now) and the diversity is a bit better as is accessibility to work/airport/entertainment.  

Hi - I can't speak for Elk Grove but I grew up in the Pocket.  It's relatively safe (much safer than Berkeley/Oakland areas) but is close to Meadowood so good to be aware of your surroundings.  There also isn't much through traffic which is nice.  It's a planned neighborhood which is great for kids... all areas seem to have a park within walking distance (and flat!).  The Sac river is right there with a great walking/bike path.  Overall, a wonderful place to grow up and I love taking my kids there now.  Schools are just so so.  The most "well-known" would be Diddion ->  It's k-8.  High schools are just OK in Sac so might want to consider private.  Best of luck!