Moving companies for East Coast move

Hello! Most moving companies seem to have both positive and negative reviews. Have you moved from CA recently to the East Coast? Which company do you recommend?

Thank you. 

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We moved from Berkeley to Arizona last month using Suddath (United Van Lines) and had a very good experience with them. Their bid was also the cheapest of the quotes we received.

Moved from NYC to Berkeley in June. I, hands down, recommend Move East –

Affordable, nothing broke, early arrival, below quoted cost. They were used by family members who did a similar move years earlier.

Are you looking for full service or low cost? Cost was a priority for us, so we looked into the moving cube (like Pods, but Pods didn't go where we moved to) and moving truck. We ended up going with U-Pack, getting space in a moving truck (we paid per square foot that we used) because it was cheaper than the cubes. We had to load and unload ourselves or with friends/college kids we hired on the other end.

Seconding Move East (though, like the previous poster, I also used it to move west, from Brooklyn to Oakland). Everything arrived in great shape, it was cheaper than any alternative we found, and the crew (especially on the East Coast leg) was super friendly.

Seconding United Van Lines--we moved here last month and had a great experience with them. I think their local affiliate was Crown movers?