Moving to Berkeley - How to block street parking for movers?

Hi Parents,

Our family is moving to Berkeley in late October and were in the process of preparing (this group and prior messages have been very helpful with much of that!)

One thing we can't seem to figure out is where to go to apply for a permit to have no parking signs put up in front of the house for the day of the move.  I found a PDF for construction events, but not for residential moves.

Does anyone know where I can find this?  (and whether I can apply online, not send in a PDF?)

Thanks in advance!


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You need to contact the city.  They might not allow you to block off the entire street for fire and safety reasons.  Don't expect the city to be sympathetic or reasonable. I would be prepared to pay the movers what it's going to cost to complete your move without blocking the street.  Welcome to Berkeley. 

I put trash cans spread out where I wanted the moving van to be.Your neighbors might let you put theirs there too to block more space