Realtor for Move to the Berkeley area...

Hi Everyone, 

I'm relocating with my family to the Berkeley area. I don't know much about the neighborhoods, school zones, etc. I'd love to speak to a realtor who has experience in the local area and can help us settle-in. Any recommendations on realtors in Berkeley?

Thank you in advance for the help fellow parents. We all know moving can be hectic. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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My husband and I recently bought a house in Berkeley and we worked with a realtor named Robert Jones (Sotheby's). He was fantastic - very knowledgeable about the area, did not pressure us, and has been available and helpful for issues we have dealt with since closing.

I highly recommend John Wesley with the Grubb Co. He's a great welcoming person, very resourceful, honest, and dedicated. You'd be in good hands! Best of luck!

I have to recommend Sarah Ridge at Thornwall Properties. She has helped my friends get homes and I'm always drooling with envy at the places she finds. She also works tirelessly to hold hands and make sure she is matching the right ppl to the right house.

Carrie McAlister is awesome! And she has young kids, so is very knowledgeable about local schools and activities.

Are you looking to buy? My husband and I house-hunted with Pamela Oettel last year for 4 months and it was a great experience.  She's pretty knowledgeable about most areas of the East Bay since she actually bikes large parts of it!  So she knows streets and neighborhoods well.  We learned a lot from her. She is honest, patient, and straightforward; if a house won't suit your needs, she will tell you.  Her enthusiasm for her job makes the whole experience easier.  You can contact me if you want to know more.

We are currently working together with a fantastic and very knowledgeable realtor. Paul Chastain has been around in the San Francisco East Bay for 20+ years ... matter of fact, we bought our current house in Berkeley with his help a decade ago and stayed in touch with him ever since. Our entire family loves his outgoing and social personality, his network connections and the confidence with which he manages our current house hunt (and preparations to sell the house we live in right now). You will appreciate his professionalism, his responsiveness to voice mails, text messages or emails (often within minutes) and his affinity with social media. From experience I can tell that Paul Chasten is the trustful partner you want at your side when buying/selling property. He is the master of research and connections and happy to answer any questions you might have (at any time of the day ... or night;-)!   For general information about Berkeley neighborhoods/schools, go check out his website and click on "Want to learn more about the community of Berkeley? See Demographics and School data here."  Good luck with your relocation! :-) Kirstin

I recommend The Katy Team at Pacific Union-

Energetic, committed, understand the market!

Jodi Nishimura of Pacific Union is awesome!  She knows the neighborhoods & the market and is well networked in the real estate community.  Her phone number is (510) 459-0471.  Message me if you have specific questions about her.  We are in the process of closing on our home in Berkeley. :)

I highly recommend Julie Gardner. She helped us buy our home 3 years ago. Julie is incredibly knowledgeable about the Berkeley communities and schools. She was very dedicated and helped us find the perfect home at a great price. Give her a call at 510-326-0840. Good luck! -dhira 

We just bought a condo in Oakland last year. My sister-in-law has been in the local real estate business for 10+ years and she recommended our realtor, who was very helpful and experienced. She seems to have helped many young families especially those who are getting their first homes (like us).

We actually just closed on a house in Berkeley two weeks ago and can't say enough good things about our agent. We have bought and sold two other houses, and she was by far the best agent we have worked with. She grew up in Berkeley, has been an agent for around 15 years, has two sons in the public Berkeley schools, and knows all the neighborhoods, schools, etc. She was consistently patient with us, and we never felt rushed or pressured (which we have been by previous agents). Basically, she is a great person to work with and knows the market really well. Her name is Jennifer Cord and she is with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. Her email is jencord1 (at)

Brett Weinstein, owner of Realty Advocates, is a wonderful, very experienced broker who has brought up his own children in Berkeley and has helped many hundreds of other families (including mine) to find the right home for their needs, desires, and budget. PLUS, his agency features reduced commissions! Realty Advocates  437 Alcatraz Avenue  Oakland, CA 94609 510.428.0757