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We're considering moving to Tiburon. I work from home and my husband commutes to SF a couple times a week (the commutes will be similar though he'd take a ferry vs. BART/AC Transit bus). We have two young kids in early elementary school. Does anyone have experience living in both Tiburon and the Oakland/Piedmont/Berkeley area with kids? How do they compare? How are the schools, sense of community, etc?

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I don't have recent experience living in Tiburon, but I grew up in Marin (Tiburon very briefly, and also Corte Madera and Mill Valley) and still have some friends who live there. Tiburon is very beautiful. It's also VERY rich and VERY white. It's much more suburban than Oakland/Berkeley, in that it's less crowded, more quiet, less visible crime, less visible poverty, and less vibrant (in the sense of lots of interesting diverse people with lots of exciting things to do). It's quite homogenous. The schools are well funded with lots of parent involvement. Living in Tiburon would be quite different than living in Oakland/Berkeley, which may be a good thing or not, depending on what you're looking for. 

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Hello. You are comparing apples and oranges! I grew up in Marin and raised my kids in Berkeley/ Albany so I speak from experienceiety.

Tiburon- very white, very rich, excellent schools, involved parents, Highly  funded PTA,  very safe, very clean, gorgeous bike paths, close to SF.  Kids won’t be exposed to diversity of race or economic variety. Kids will be raised in a safe and nice environment but it is not indicative of what most see as the real world.

Berkeley area- much more diverse both socio economically and racially. Public schools are a very mixed bag although very focused and organized kids tend to do well at Berkeley high. Schools underfunded and parental involvement is less common due to the fact that there are so many dual working families in the East Bay. SafetY - not that safe. Not clean. Public spaces full of homeless. Weather about the same as Tiburon. Kids will see a lot more of the real world problems and issues such as poverty,  incarcerated parents, families with few means. Kids will also probably end up a lot more cultured and adaptable and open minded due to all of this exposure. 

it’s a risk and reward situation. If you want more info ask moderator for my info.

good luck!