Mosquito bite/itch cream that works!

I have suffered from severe reactions to things like mosquito bites since I was a child: red, bumpy, super intense itchiness. They itch so much...and I scratch and scratch. I have tried all the usual suspects and the gamut of alternative/organic salves, balms, and lotions, but am always hoping I have overlooked something. As we move into the camping season, I am wondering if there are others who have found something that eases the itchiness of a mosquito bite (mine literally end up feeling like they are burning they get so itchy). Would prefer non-toxic, but I am getting desperate. Thanks for any product ideas.

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Me too! I've scratched myself bloody on multiple occasions.  What helps the most is to put burning hot water on the bite (you can't feel pain and an itch at the same time, I think) and then put something on it that makes it sting, like rubbing alcohol or that liquid bandage stuff.  It's kind of gross, actually, but otherwise I end up covered in scabs.  

Have you tried Itch-X? our allergist recommended it. Put it on before you scratch to reduce the itch and swelling. It really helps. You can get it over the counter at many stores. Bright yellow box. 

Campho-Phenique works the best for me!

I have similar issues with mosquitoes and tend to get more bites than most people.  I use hydrocortisone cream and it helps me with the bites -- but the best advice is prevention!  I discovered Repel Lemon Eucalyptus spray and it really, really works!  It is a plant-based product, DEET-free and has a pleasant smell.  I used it in South Carolina for a week and only got one bite -- on the evening I forgot to spray.  I ordered it online through Amazon - it was reasonably priced.

you need a prescription strength steroid cream (like hydrocortisone but stronger). I use clobetasol. Since I am only using tiny amounts on small areas of my skin, I feel fine about that. 

For us, AfterBite is the only thing that works.  Whenever we travel, I bring one for each family member, plus an extra because I usually end up giving at least one to someone who is a bug magnet like me.  Good luck!

I was tortured by dozens of VERY itchy roof rat mite bites earlier this spring and had to look into all kinds of options.  Here's what I found:

Worked well: taking antihistamines (per my MD), trying not to scratch (keeping nails cut very short)

Worked somewhat: Over the counter hydrocortisone (per my MD, she also offered prescription), vinegar, rubbing alcohol, hot shower, baking soda bath (lukewarm), a paste of baking soda applied directly, mindfulness, topical benedryl ointment, keeping it covered so clothing wouldn't rub (bandaid)

Didn't try: Aveno oatmeal bath (per my MD)

I am very allergic to mosquito bites, and what I do is make sure they don't bite me in the first place. Here's how: I use mosquito spray with DEET in it. It really works. I don't need to use it that often, and I figure the slight toxicity of the spray is a fair trade-off for not scratching my skin raw and risking infection, or catching something the mosquitos are carrying, or picking up lyme disease from a tick.  When we are camping, I spray it on in the morning and again in the afternoon. I also wear shoes and socks and long sleeves and a kerchief around my neck when I'm in mosquito country. I stay inside when the sun is going down which is when they are at their worst.  If I do get a bite, I use 1% cortisone cream, otherwise my whole arm swells up. Rubbing an ice cube on the bite eases the itching.  BTW even the EWG concedes that DEET is "reasonably safe"