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I own a house in Oakland which is currently being rented by a family and the parents living there are interested in buying it. It would be a good idea for both parties to sell it privately so that money could be saved. The parents might not have enough funds for a 20% down payment so it would be important to figure out how to make the purchase possible with creative financing. In order to that we would need a wise and experienced mortgage broker to assist us with some imaginative tactics. If there is someone who can be recommended for this undertaking we would be most grateful. We have a real estate attorney already who is willing to deal with the paperwork for a flat fee. Many thanks.

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Not sure if he specializes in "imaginative tactics," but we had a great experience with Arlo Zoerner at CrossCountry Mortgage during our recent home purchase. He and his team were very supportive and communicative throughout the process.

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I have worked with John Sutherland many times and recommend him!  

john.sutherland [at]

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I VERY highly recommend Faramarz Moeen-Ziai at CrossCountry Mortgage in Berkeley,

We did 4 refinances with Faramarz and he is an absolute wizard with financing. I can't recommend him highly enough. Be aware that because he is so amazing, he is in high demand and extremely busy.

Good luck!

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I know this wonderfully creative and smart problem solving broker, my broker, Evelyn Freitas. I sent your post to her and yes, your scenario is right up her alley.  She has experience with this. Please reach out to her.  Evelyn is trustworthy, hard working and focused. I have found her very strait forward answering all my questions. I am sure you will like working with her. Evelyn Freitas, Residential Mortgage Broker, Guaranteed Rate, 510-254-4674   Evelyn.freitas [at]

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I would highly recommend mortgage broker Zach Griffin: 510-325-1095 (at Guaranteed Rate Affinity in Berkeley.) He and his team were absolutely brilliant during the entire process of home buying. He listened to us, he was always readily available and very communicative since day one. I'd absolutely recommend Zach to anyone looking for a smooth experience and high quality service. He has lots of experience.