Montessori or Play based?


My daughter is currently in a play-based preschool. She is energetic, and loves to socialize with others. I have toured Rising Star before, and I wonder if being in a montessori setting will hinder her social development. Thoughts? I really enjoyed the academic aspect of Rising Star, but I recognize that  preschool is the time where students also need to develop their social emotional needs. 

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Hi there! I’ve had a child go through rising star and enjoyed our time there. Although in Montessori, kids go through their “work” individually, there are many opportunities for them to interact and socialize. Circle time and lessons are done together, lunch and recess obviously. Kids at this school do need a certain temperament tho...sitting well, and not being disruptive to kids working around her. Not for hyperactive kids. 

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Hi there,

I also explored both settings when I was preparing to send my son to preschool a few years ago and we landed at East Bay Waldorf School. I also feel that this time in a child's development is a sacred time to learn about themselves and how to be with others. My son's experiences at East Bay has been sweet, nurturing and a whole lot of fun for both him and myself. The curriculum is play, art, and nature based. There are key elements of story telling, movement, outdoor play and music that enhance his friendships and inspire him to be a loving, self sufficient and cooperative person. I believe that because he is in a setting that is so grounding for him and his peers, when it is time for true academics they will be confident and prepared to think. 

I hope you check them out

All my best for you and your daughter!