How to find a montesorri/RIE nanny?

Hi all, new to the group after relocating from the East Coast...

Has anyone been successful in finding a montesorri/RIE nanny? Any advice/ tips/ recommendations? Particularly in Walnut Creek area...

thanks in advance!

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Cassie Ford just opened Blue Leaf Preschool in the Berkeley Hills ( She is RIE trained and incredibly diligent and thoughtful about her approach (the other day, the kids were cutting their bananas with wooden knives on very elegant little wooden board "plates"; not being RIE trained myself, I'm always extremely impressed with what my daughter is fully capable of, when given the opportunity and the right set-up, which Cassie always provides!).  It might be a little far from Walnut Creek to go to her school, and I don't know if she even has any openings right now, but you could reach out to see what she knows. From what I understand it is a rather small community, and she might be able to point you in the direction of some local resources.

Check out Christina Vlindler at  She's a RIE associate who until recently held regular RIE classes, until she lost her affordable class space that allowed her to offer sliding scale parent-infant classes.  Since then, she has returned to nannying and may have some part-time availability still.  She also trains nannies - she has a RIE for nannies course, so if you find a carer that you like elsewhere and would like to pay for them to get some RIE background, I believe she has a course coming up sometime soon that should be on her website, and/or may know the names of some she has worked with or trained in the past that she could put you in touch with.  She was our RIE playgroup facilitator and we all loved her class, and my 2yo is now in a 1day/wk nanny share with her and wants to go there every day :)