Monoamniotic twins (momo twins) - advice

My last ultrasound at 7 weeks, found that I am going to have monoamniotic twins (twins who share one gestational sac with no division also known as momo twins). I am currently with Kaiser and I am feeling unsure that they can handle a complicated twin pregnancy (we have had some mistakes with them with some very basic things). Has anyone had momo twins with Oakland Kaiser? Who was your perinatologist? Has anyone had momo twins outside Kaiser and would you suggest your hospital and OB/perinatologist? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Best of luck.  There's  a monoamniotic group on Facebook you might want check out an join.

If you are not a member of Twins by the Bay, you should join.  It is a support group for parents, and expectant parents, of twins in the East Bay.  My twins are about to turn 10 and I've been a member since I was pregnant.  I've never belonged to Kaiser, but I'm sure some of the other parents in the group would be able to answer your question.  Besides, it is an awesome group and an invaluable resource for parents of twins.

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Congratulations Mama!  I am 25 weeks with identical twins (one placenta but two sacs) and also at Kaiser.  I understand your concerns as my perinatologist and team could not discern whether or not there was one sac or two for a long time so I did a lot of research.  Though are situations are not the same, I did want to share that I have been very, very happy with my perinatologist (high risk because of identical twins and I am 44!) Dr. Gaea Moore.  She is incredibly professional, informative, responsive and a straight shooter.  I went through an amnio procedure with her and both my partner and I found her to be both technically and interpersonally skilled and reassuring.  I really believe she is as good as they get anywhere. I hope this is somewhat helpful to you and I wish you all the best in your process.  PS. I also highly recommend the book by Dr. Barbara Luke on pregnancy with multiples and utilizing Three Stone Hearth (if you are in Berkeley) as a resource to ensure your protein intake is high enough to help avoid TTTS.  All the best.  Isabelle

I do not have experience with multiple births, but I am sure doctor David Walton at Oakland Kaiser does.  Check him out at

I've known him (I was his patient) for more than 15 years, and he's guided me through two complicated pregnancies.  He only sees patients with complicated pregnancies, including multiple births.  And, he is an amazingly nice, with great bedside manners I've ever experienced.  The first time I saw him, I found out that the fetus inside of me stopped growing, and had no heart beat anymore, so I had to remove it surgically.  They didn't have an appointment for surgery that same day, and I was upset about having to spend a day or maybe days waiting, with a dead fetus inside of me.  As I was walking to my car in the street, I heard someone running after me.  It was Doctor Walton, who found an appointment for me to have surgery that day (still don't know how he did that), so he ran outside (!) to find me. After that, I had another normal pregnancy, so I didn't see him.

Then, 12 years later, I had another pregnancy with complications (ending a beautiful healthy baby girl!!!), and saw him again.  He's still the same, the best doctor to see any woman through their pregnancy, no matter how hard or complicated.  He e-mailed me to check on me when I had tests, and was great with my older son who came with me to one of the appointments (my son said he wants to be a doctor now, like Dr. Walton!).

Anyway, check him out - you can request him if you want.  I made sure he was the one to do all of my testing.

Best of luck, and congrats on your pregnancy!