Mold and lead testing recommendation/ toddler seizures

Does anyone have a mold and lead testing company they can recommend? We rent an apartment in Oakland that was built 1920. Our toddler has begun to have different types seizures and we are on the hunt to find anything possible to make our home safer for his immune system.

Additionally, if you have a toddler that has unfortunately experienced seizures, I would be really privileged to speak to someone who is going/gone through this terrifying situation. 

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I can’t speak on lead, but the best test for mold toxicity is Great Plains Labs urine mycotoxin test:

My son was diagnosed with severe mold toxicity in 2018

Good luck to you,


If you have a doctor or pediatric provider they should be able to easily order a lead test. It's a blood draw and should be done asap if you're at all concerned about lead exposure. Once you have a result of that of its high they will either have you go into the hospital for treatment (or would have to be very high) or would have a public health nurse put to inspect. Our daughter had elevated lead levels although no seizures and we found the source and removed it immediately. But if you are dealing with high levels and an unclear source you should definitely have a public health inspection. There is also a program to help landlords afford remediation if needed. But regardless you should definitely be talking with your doctor about these concerns and the seizures.