Misophonia in 9 year old - effective treatment

My daughter, age 9, suffers from misophonia and I am hoping to find her help. She has general anxiety disorder and she already sees an OT who is getting her started with sound therapy. I am hoping to find someone who specializes in misophonia treatment. I was just reading today that neuro-feedback could help, but I don't know too much about it where to go.  Additionally, I am interested in finding someone who does EMDR with someone in my daughter's situation. To offer a little more background about her, she has phobias, sensory issues, and general anxiety. It started to get particularly severe about a year and a half ago, coinciding with a lot of life events that were outside of our control that were very stressful. She is a super sweet, creative and driven child, but the misophonia reared its ugly head about a year and a half ago and hasn't let up.  Before that, it seemed as through her anxiety was fairly manageable with good rest and plenty of outdoor play. Thank you BPN community for your help!

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Hello,  I have misophonia and haven't had specific therapy for it yet, so I can't give you specialist's name.  But, there is a convention happening in a couple of weeks.


If this link doesn't work you can google it.