Mini Jets v Comets Program

Looking for insight, advice or comparisons about / between Kirkwood’s mini jets and Heavenly’s Comets program. My daughter will be 5yo this summer and I would love to get her into one of the two programs. I’ve largely ruled sierra’s program out given their 2 day/ weekend time commitment, but would welcome thoughts if others didn’t find the time commitment to be that bad. Thanks in advance! 

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Not from personal experience, but I know two families who love mini jets at Kirkwood -- They both had the options of choosing mini jets v. comet. One of them started their 3-yo at mini jets since he passed his assessment, and he was doing really well in the team. From what I heard, the coaches of mini jets are really good, and they also do make-up days for the snowstorm days when resort is closed. 

My then-4yo was in the 2 day/weekend ski program north of the lake this year, and we didn't find the time commitment that challenging. Feel free to PM!