Young teen with mild intellectual disability

My 13 year old was diagnosed with mild intellectual disability. Does anyone know if Lindamood Bell program could be helpful. I am also looking for any private school recommendations in the area. Thanks 

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It completely depends on what the actual diagnosis is. FWIW in the community we generally use the term 'neurodiverse' as opposed to 'intellectual disability,' which is pretty outdated (and potentially derogatory). Our student is ND and has multiple discrete diagnoses, among them dyslexia and dyscalculia. In our case, Lindamood Bell was a waste of time and (much) money - but others here have found it helpful for their kids, again it all depends on the specifics of the diagnosis. If you had the school district run the testing on your child and this label was the result, I would highly recommend an outside evaluation with a competent educational psychologist to decipher exactly what areas are in need of remediation. It may be that an educational therapist can help within the regular school setting. There are several recent recommendations in the archives for schools that support neurodiverse students. Good luck!

Thank you for your feedback. Much appreciated. The diagnosis/term is based on independent testing. The school testing had it as ‘other health impairment’.