middle school recs for child with Dyslexia - IN PERSON preferred

I am looking for a private school rec for middle school for a high functioning and bright child with dyslexia. We were happy at Raskob but due to instability in leadership, things are rocky and they are still refusing to return to in person instruction. communication with families has broken down and I am looking for a more community oriented, student focused school.

I appreciate recomendations

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You might be interested in Montessori Family School. I know some students with dyslexia have thrived there. They are currently offering in-person, outdoor instruction. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

I know you asked about private schools, but FWIW, King Middle School in Berkeley is getting ready to return to in-person instruction (tentative date, Mon 4/12), and they have a strong SpED department with special attention to dyslexia (grade level teachers and instructional aides with special training, running small groups) - I believe they are using Wilson Language Training, if that helps.

We are a very happy Crestmont middle school family who joined the school community this past school year. While our child does not have dyslexia, they do have other learning differences that have made other private schools challenging for them.   Because of its small size, Crestmont  teachers and staff can really support kids in ways that other schools can't.  I do know of a few kiddos at the school who have dyslexia and seem to be faring well there. In terms of being community oriented, Crestmont's modern co-op structure means that there is a lot of community and transparency.  I was scared that co-op would mean way more work than I had time for, but it has actually been pretty reasonable and a great way to meet other parents. Its definitely worth checking out!

Hi there, I know you are looking for a private school for your middle school child with dyslexia so feel free to ignore this if you’re not interested.  I have a 6th grade daughter who was just diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD. She has been homeschooling with private teachers since October 2020 with stunning results.  For example, she went from a year behind in math to a year ahead in two months.  More importantly, she likes learning again.  This whole experience has been such a silver lining during this pandemic that I am planning on doing it again next year but this time creating a small pod  (4-10 kids, ideally) to reduce costs and increase socialization. The teachers have been wonderful about incorporating modifying curriculum and incorporating in dyslexia-specific recommendations made by the neuropsychologist. If you or anyone else is interested in joining in, please feel free to contact me directly for more information. We live in Alameda.