Middle school recommendation - The Academy

We are considering sending our middle school daughter to The Academy.  Previously, she attended public elementary at John Muir.  She is very academic and studious, so we felt Academy might be a good option.  We do have some concerns about the size of the school and opportunity for social growth. Additionally, we wondered if there is a high teacher turnover. Any recommendations?

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Hi Emily, we have 2 daughters that attend elementary school at The Academy who are also academic and studious. We’ve founded the school to be a great fit. The teachers at The Academy are excellent and most have been there for over a decade. John Lynch, the upper school dean, is a real treasure as you can sense from his welcome letter (http://theacademyschool.org/upper-school-curriculum-3/welcome-from-upper-school-dean/).  We find the size of the school to be an advantage, allowing for a close-knit community / village in which kids of all ages and adults treat each other with respect and kindness. In our view, The Academy has been operating for over 40 years the kind of "micro-school” that visionaries like Mark Zuckerberg and Sal Khan are now investing their treasure and time into.