Middle school near Berkeley with hands-on learning and/or creative arts?

My daughter is in 5th grade, and has had terrific elementary teachers but has rarely enjoyed traditional academic learning. I know she'll need to work even more on academics in middle school, so I'm looking for a school that will give her other experiences that will help her feel positive about going every day. She loves building things of all kinds, crafts, music and art. She also likes project-based learning. We live in Berkeley and are considering both public and private schools. Any schools out there that might be a good fit? I'd thought of OSA for music or art but it looks like she'd need to already be quite skilled. The East Bay School for Boys has the projects, but she's a girl . . . I'd love any thoughts. 

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You might want to look at the Redwood Day School in Oakland. In addition to great academics, it has art, drama and tech/innovation lab as part of the regular curriculum in MS. On a less regular schedule, it also offers cooking and gardening (more regular in lower school  

It also offers “activities” as a class which changes each trimester. The “activities” classes can be and have been almost anything from floorball to cooking to mochas & math. The teachers (and done students) teach something they love and the kids get to pick which one they want to take. 

Sounds like it might be a fit?

Park Day School in the Temescal neighborhood in Oakland may be a good fit. The school integrates a hands-on, project based approach to teaching math, science, and the humanities. There's a lot of peer collaboration alongside independent work.  Students take art, music, and drama, and there is a weekly elective that lets kids dive deeper into arts, sports, community service, or other interest areas. Park Day is a K-8, and maker-centered learning is baked into the curriculum. For example, in 6th grade, during the living museum project, students create something in the school's Innovation Workshop to bring a research topic to life. Also they combine math, science and art and build an actual “average 6th grader.” It’s  pretty cool.

Our daughter attended Park Day School for 6th grade in the 2017/2018 school year and it was not a good experience. The academics and arts were weak, especially math, science, drama, and music. When selecting a middle school for 6th grade, the decision was between OSA and Park Day School (our daughter got a spot at OSA in the drama program). We wish we would have chosen OSA. One of the selling points to us about the middle school at Park Day was the strong theater program—that theater was woven into the curriculum and that they put on a 6th grade play. But the drama teacher could not even get the class together enough to put on a play, so there wasn’t one. And our daughter was uninspired and unchallenged by the music program—the teacher was not able to differentiate teaching based on each child’s abilities, which was surprising given the small class size. With Park Day, the mission is a wonderful one, but unfortunately they aren’t anywhere close to delivering on their mission—they don’t walk the walk.