Middle School for Gifted / Asynchronous kid

Hi. We are an east Asian family. I have a 4th grader old who was evaluated to be exceptionally gifted when he was 5. After touring many elementary schools we chose a small specialized school and even moved out of east bay for it. Academically the school is good and he is doing fine / good. 

Even in the specialized school he is 1 grade ahead academically but socially and emotionally he is age appropriate. He is a rule follower but also stubborn about certain things like he wont play video games / read books only in a certain order / perfectionism or nothing attitude etc. He is very confident yet shy and anxious. He is also very athletic but very emotionally sensitive. 

Recently we have felt the need for us to be in a more diverse location. We want more racial and socio economic diversity for our children. My younger one is very bright but not gifted and will start kindergarten soon. We want to move back to east bay but want a school where my kids can fit in. Tuition for 2 kids will be a stretch but we are ready to make sacrifices for education. We are trying to find a school with social diversity, acceptance and a solid academics (math and science). I want my children to be not bored, learn to persist and yet feel like they fit in. Any suggestions for a good school?  

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I mean, I think you're asking for a lot to find the perfect neighborhood and "top school".  If racial diversity is your priority, Oakland/Berkeley/West Contra Costa for your residence. If having a lot of East Asian fellow families is a priority, maybe San Ramon or Fremont.If having socio-economic diversity is a priority, public school in Berkeley/Oakland/WCCUSD probably gets you there, but there may not be the cohort of "exceptionally gifted" kids you might also be seeking. (I don't know really what that looks like in terms of a classroom environment.)

A couple thoughts on advanced education especially as it relates to math. In CA overall there is a movement to not have algebra taught in junior high anymore as an alternative (advanced) path. I'm sure there are educators on here who are more knowledgeable about the why of this. I have a child at Albany Middle School, which does have an advanced math option at least for 8th grade, admission based solely on test scores in 7th grade. The word algebra is not used to describe the advanced option. I also have a child in middle school at a very fancy local private school, which does not offer advanced math as separate classes; they say they differentiate within the Math 7 or Math 8 curriculum. So... you may be looking at outside supplemental education (CTY or similar) whether you go public or private, depending on your child's specific needs and strengths. There are many more fancy private schools in Oakland and the 925 which may be good fits but I'm not familiar with them.

We have an asynchronous/2E kiddo who is a middle school student at Crestmont School in Richmond.  It is a small school with fantastic teachers who meet the kids where they are at.  With small class sizes, they are able to really work with each child and support them in developing their own unique voice and strengths.  It is also exceptionally diverse! In the 5th grade last year, there were 9 students and at least 7 were kids of color.  Because it is a co-op (which means parents have to do some jobs, but it is less daunting than it sounds!), the tuition is on the lower side (under $20K) and they do have generous financial aid available.  Also the small size, and nice outdoor spaces meant that school was in person almost the entire school year in 2020-21.  They did a fantastic job managing covid risk and took a lot of very smart precautions for the kids who were on campus.  I think the middle school may be full, but I still recommend reaching out to learn more.