Mexico/C.R. beach vacation with teens?

Archives are old...Considering a trip to a Spanish-speaking place with 3 kids next August--17,15 & 12.  2 kids are taking Spanish and want to try using it!  We love to snorkel, so near a beach with clear water a plus.  Must have a nice pool.  We've NEVER been to Mexico or beyond (Costa Rica, Dominican Republic??)...  Any recommendations for a hotel or resort (all inclusive ok) with these features, that won't break the bank?  Club Med?  (or do they all speak French?)  Thanks for any hints, tips, or recommendations.

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I've traveled several times to Mexico and Costa Rica both with and without children over the last 20 years   Things have changed a lot (more people speak English now). If the goal is to get your kids to work on their Spanish, you will need to stay away from all-inclusives and resort-type areas.  My kids attend a Spanish immersion school so their Spanish is good but I find that when we are in resort area where there are lots of people who can speak or understand English it just isn't used.  I went to Nicaragua with my 13-year old earlier this year and that was a bit better but Costa Rica has gotten really developed since I first went there 17 years ago.  That said, Costa Rica is a great country and easy to navigate.  I say try to rent a few Air BnBs near Arenal and on the Nicoya Pensinsula away from touristy areas like Tamarindo.  Places south of Tamarindo have great beaches and you are more likely to find places for your kids to brush up on their Spanish.  There is a little resort called the Flying Crocodile near Samara that might suit you as well. 

Lapa Rios on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica is one of my favorite places in the whole world. It is beautiful, wild, and luxurious, all at the same time. It is pretty far removed from any kind of town or nightlife, though, so I'm not sure if the kids would get bored if they are looking for more social stuff. I agree with the other poster about Spanish not really being necessary at the all-inclusive / touristy areas in Mexico or Central and Latin America. That said, I found that people usually really appreciated being spoken to in Spanish and would quickly switch to Spanish when they realized I didn't need them to speak English. Have fun!