Metal drain cover

Hello! We have a wooden deck that drains underneath into a tank with a sump pump. The cover for the tank was made of the same wood as the deck but in rainy season it swells and then becomes stuck. 
I think a metal grate/drain cover would be the solution. Does somebody know a craftsperson that can do this type of work? Thanks in advance. 

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Metal drain cover (Jan 20, 2024)

There is a metal fabricator in Berkeley that was recommended to me by my carpenter neighbor, who has used them repeatedly for custom metal items at his home.

I saw some of the work when he brought it home, and it looked very well done and at a good price.

I bet they could do this for you. Probably best if you take the existing cover in so they have a clear reference.

If the existing cover is a very standardized size there are grate manufacturers on line, but it sounds like yours might be custom. 

Metal drain cover (Jan 20, 2024)

Ooops, I think I left off the actual name of the metal fabricator in Berkeley. 

It is Walter Mork.