Mental Health Partial Hospitalization programs or intensive outpatient programs


Has anyone had any experiences  with Partial Hospitalization programs or intensive outpatient programs:   John Muir  in Concord, Saint Helena\Adventist in Vallejo, BACA young adult outpatient program in Oakland, Alta Bates Herrick Campus. Or know of any other such  programs in East Bay Area??  Not sure of the pros and cons of each of them and which one to choose.  

We are looking for treatment for my wonderful, compassionate 24 yr old son, who has  treatment resistant depression and anxiety and lives in Berkeley… (Alta Bates is the closest)

He has tried so many things and is feeling so discouraged. I would welcome your input and  words of wisdom.

Thank you,


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There is a new therapy group that just arrived in Oakland.  They are called Gateway.  They are based in Orange County.  They offer an intensive outpatient therapy treatment plan.  The treatment we received there was amazing.  Here is their contact info:

Stay strong.  Wishing you well,

Honey Bee