Medium-sized home repairs?

Hi folks. I’m a relatively new homeowner in SF. I have a number of things in my house that need repair that are probably bigger than a typical handyman job but I think smaller than the kind of thing a contractor would handle.

I have no idea who to call! Or even where to start looking. Any suggestions? Fwiw the main concerns at the moment are French doors that don’t properly lock due to house settling (eeesh)—so more than a locksmith can fix—and a chronically leaking shower (needing new grout, and caulking...and replacing the wood floor next to the shower and probably repairs to drywall around and under the bathroom). There are other things too but these are the ones that feel urgent to me.

I’ve only rented before and I feel totally overwhelmed. Would be endlessly grateful for any advice! THANKS

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I liked Bakari for similarly sized tasks:

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Congratulations on owning a house! You may have realized now that buying a new house is expensive--not only because of the price of a house (in SF too! eek!) but also because of the maintenance. My realtor told me that the rule of thumb is to set aside 1% of the price of the house EACH YEAR for home maintenance. If you don't spend it, save it, because there will be larger ticket items that come up later.

As for your question, it's hard to find a handyman/contractor, and you are not alone. Even people who have owned a house for decades have a hard time finding a good handyman. Especially right now everyone is stuck at home and doing home improvements, so it's almost impossible to get a contractor. A good place to start is to ask the realtor who sold you the house to recommend people. Realtors have to make repairs all the time, and they are usually happy to share their referrals with their clients. Next, ask all your neighbors, friends, and relatives, and check on nextdoor (dot) com for recommendations within your neighborhood. Keep a list.

I have also had VERY good experiences working with TaskRabbit for smaller jobs. I usually pick the Elite ones, and often if I have a choice, I pick women. They have all been excellent. TaskRabbits cost more than hiring a handyman directly, but it means someone will commit to coming out to your house even for a very small job, which many contractors won't do. If you really like the TaskRabbit often they will give you their card and you can hire them directly, but be aware that TaskRabbit covers damages if the handyman breaks something in your house. Most handymen don't offer that kind of assurance. So if you are totally new to this game, I'd stick within the TaskRabbit network for the first few jobs.

As for your jobs, definitely pick your battles. If you can still close the French Doors, leave them. They will unstick when the weather changes again. Your shower sounds like a very expensive problem that you'll need a contractor for, and be warned, when they open up the floor and the wall I'd bet they will find more problems and it will cost more. For now, maybe get a TaskRabbit to recaulk and seal off the tub so the problem doesn't get worse. Then ask around for a contractor referral to fix the wood around the area, just be ready for some sticker shock. You should also see if your home owners insurance that you bought when you purchased the house will cover some of the water damage. Good luck!

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Hi, If you're looking for a good General Contractor I would happily recommend Emanuel with BuildMark. They did an amazing job on my kitchen and bathroom remodel, very happy with the outcome. I do live in Berkeley area, so I am not sure if he works in the city, but doesn't hurt to contact him and ask. His phone number is 510-484 5765 or email emanuel [at]
Hope this helps!