MBA From USF Vs SCU vs St Mary’s College ( nor Cal) Vs SJSU Vs Cal State East Bay.

If one has to rank an MBA graduate from these institutes, in terms of which MBA would catch an eye of the recruiter/employer, how would you rank them as 1,2,3,4? If Cost ( living and tuition both) is not consider as a factor of preference of one over other.

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We just visited SCU School of Law which offers a JD/MBA program. I would say that the school's location in the heart of Silicon Valley and the close relationships they have with many local companies are invaluable to graduates who want to work in the Bay Area. Also, my sense is that the school is very helpful and supportive in enabling students to clarify their career goals and then gain the hands-on experiences and take the classes that will make their path upon graduation clear and available. I admit to generally being more in favor of smaller, independent programs versus large, state programs, though my four kids have all happily attended both types of schools. Good luck!