Math enrichment for high school junior

My high school junior has a somewhat late developing interest in math, and looking for more challenge than what he is getting at Berkeley High (it is too late for him to be in advanced math series). At this point, I think it's also too late for him to get involved with the Berkeley Math Circle (I imagine he would be behind kids who have been doing it for awhile and we missed the fall deadline). He has looked into classes at the community college, but it's a little complicated with his schedule. I know some families have sent their kids to Tilden Prep for math, but that is an expensive option. Just wondering if there are other options out there for high school students who want more of a math challenge? I wish we had started sooner! thanks.

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If your son is motivated and can manage on-line courses, there are a lot of options. Our kid is using Khan Academy's AP calculus class to supplement what she's getting in BHS's AP calculus -- your son could just do math courses on-line. Our kid likes the Khan Academy presentation better than the one in school.

There are on-line calculus and stats classes listed at EdWize, most of which are free or inexpensive:

Firecracker is an excellent local organization offering truly interesting math classes. Their classes allowed my son to pursue really interesting math outside of what’s normally taught in a school curriculum. For example, their Math in Motion course teaches the concepts of calculus without the calculations— it’s a joy of a course, opening up so many interesting ideas, and my son loved it. They also have a symmetry in math course my kid didn’t take, but that looks great. Even if nothing there appeals to your kid, Firecracker may know of other resources for him. Online, AOPS (Art of Problem Solving) has some great courses. Stanford also has self-paced online courses for high schoolers, though I’m not sure about their cost. Good luck!