mat foundation, structural engineer & contractor recommendations?

We are looking into seismically retrofitting our hillside Berkeley home with a mat foundation. For those who have had one built, would you recommend your team? Who did you work with for structural engineering and seismic retrofit contractors? 

For info on mat foundation, "a specific type of shallow foundation that uses bearing capacity of the soil at or near the building base to transmit the loads to the soil. Compared to individual spread footings, a mat foundation may encompass all or part of the building’s footprint. Compared to an ordinary slab on grade, a reinforced concrete mat is much thicker and is subjected to more substantial loads from the building. A mat foundation is often used where soil and load conditions could cause substantial differential settlement between individual spread footings but where conditions are not so poor as to require a deep foundation system."

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We’ve had a very good experience with Zenith Engineers in Hayward.