Martial Arts Recommendations for ADHD Kids?

I have a very active 8yo diagnosed with ADHD who has trouble following the rules of some organized sports. Our doctor recommended martial arts, but it sounds like the teacher is the one who can make the experience incredible or tortuous for ADHD kids. Can any ADHD parents recommend somewhere we can check out for our kiddo? He needs a physical outlet and a boost of self confidence! Thank you

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My son also has ADHD and has been taking silat (Indonesian martial arts) for years at Soja - the owner, Peter, is really good with him and has built him up over the years!

There is a special class at Kuk Sool Wan of Berkeley (AKA Berkeley Martial Arts) on Sacramento in Berkeley. It is run by Nicole Yee. It is for kids with challenges including ADHD and Autism Spectrum. She is a great instructor with a kid on the spectrum and the assistant is young woman with developmental disabilities. I highly recommend you contact her at nyee26 [at]

Hi there-

Our ADHD kid is very happy at Seido Karate . They offer lots of classes during the week and on the weekend.  Sensei Todd has great patience with kids like ours and a good sense of humor. My son says that he not only feels physically stronger, but also has learned some grit that helps him at school. 

My suggestion is for Kinetic Arts in Oakland, though it’s not martial arts as you requested. It’s circus arts center that my ADHDer has found immensely supportive and great for burning off energy. The coaches have all been very open to talking about our child’s needs before class or camp and are truly interested in understanding her needs so they can best support her. They have a bunch of classes every week, from basic intro that involves giant obstacle courses to trapeze to parkour, as well as camps during school breaks. It’s also set up in a way that we can watch and help redirect. 

East Bay Martial Arts on Grand FOR SURE. They specialize in using martial arts as a tool for behavior, not building competitors or athletes. The owners are lovely. Very accommodating, accepting. 

Thank you all so much, looking forward to finding the right fit for our guy!