Martial Arts and Emotional Stability for two boys and their dad

I am a dad of two boys 6 and 10 and I am looking for a martial arts (or similar) program which not only teaches the sport but also how to deal with your own emotions as a boy, stability, confidence, etc. Both are very active, and I hope to find an outlet for them, but also a program where I can learn some of this myself since I never had this opportunity in my own childhood. So a place where my boys AND I could attend programs would be great.

We think of this as a post-quarantine activity, but if there are studios which offer this via video, that's even better. 

Thanks, Wolf

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I'd recommend looking into Pitts Martial Arts (across from the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland). We've been there for almost a year with our 7 year old and have found both Master Pitts and all the families there really great. Pretty sure, during normal times, they have a class for ages 7-adult so there's a mix of ages in there.  During in-person classes, the focus is as much on doing your best as it is on developing the skills, which I really appreciate. They've been doing zoom classes too, but it's of course not the same as being there.

My husband and son both practice at Ralph Gracie Jiujitsu in Berkeley. The kids and adults classes are separate, but are timed one right after the other, making it easier on the family schedule. Jiujitsu (as far as I can tell!) does not really involve any kind of behavioral teachings like some other martial arts do. But my husband and son both get a lot out of it, mentally and physically. There is a lot of camraderie, intense physical exercise, and definitely opportunities for building self-confidence. It's also an opportunity to get out phsycial aggresion in an appropriate environment. There are a lot of families (mostly kids + dads, but also some moms) that go there. 

The studio is completely closed during the shelter-in-place. 

Hello! My three kids and I all train at Studio Naga, on the Oakland/Emeryville border.  I have 2 girls, ages 12 and 10 also a little guy who is 5 yrs old in the little kid classes.  The girls have been training for 7 years, and I (the mom) started about 4 years ago. I love this place for many reasons. The studio teaches an Indonesian Martial Art called Poekoelan. We all enjoy the sport, but beyond the physical activity, the community is awesome.  The studio has taught my kids how to be stronger leaders and firm upstanders. It’s not just kicking and yelling for fun - the first level of classes for adults and kids is focused on self defense.  Right now there are in-person, outdoor, social distanced classes and online classes. 

I highly recommend ATA Martial Arts Academy in Martinez. They have classes for kids and adults and also online classes with Covid. Master Schreiber is wonderful and we've had very positive experiences with each instructor of my son's classes. The school teaches more than just the sport - the work on confidence, respect, lessons with how to deal with bullying etc etc.