Marriage therapist that comes to your house?

We are looking for a marriage therapist/counselor but puzzled how to make that work with 2 kids and 2 jobs to juggle. Are there therapists that do nighttime house visits after our kids go to bed? Other ideas for how to make the time?

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Not sure if this would work for you, but I have friends who found a therapist located between their two jobs and made a lunchtime appointment once a week. 

Online therapy? Here is an example:   I know nothing about them. 

My other suggestion is to have a one hour meeting once a week when the kids are in bed. Very cheap, very convenient, and sometimes very effective. Try this agenda: 

1. Thank each other for things you appreciated during the week. 

2. Say sorry to each other for the mistakes you make that week. 

3. Small annoying issues like socks laying around the house. 

4. Big emotional issues. 

I see Natashia Fuksman, who is a marriage therapist. I think she has some days where she works outside of normal working hours. I don't know how late, but you could ask her.