Mandarin lessons for 2 year old

We currently live in Richmond and would like our 2 year old daughter to start learning some Mandarin.

Would anyone be able to help us out and provide recommendations for private tutors, internet sources, summer camps or after school / pre-school programs that we can use? 

We're not sure if we can afford SHU-REN or a private school when she's older, so would prefer something more affordable.

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Following. I'm the only Mandarin native speaker in my family so I am looking to expose my 2-year-old son to more Mandarin dialogues. I'm also up for sharing a private tutor with your girl! Feel free to PM. 

There are some Mandarin immersion daycares in the East Bay, including Happy Garden in El Cerrito and Albany Sunflower Daycare. When she’s starting kindergarten, you can look into the Mandarin immersion school in West Contra Costa USD- I believe this public school is located in Richmond, but may be moving? Or Yu Ming, which is a charter school in Oakland.