Managing anxiety at work - Therapist recommendations?

Can anyone recommend a therapist in the Berkeley/Oakland area to help manage anxiety and work specifically on skills to improve my job productivity.  I'm finding that my (self diagnosed) anxiety is starting to really impact many aspects of my life, mainly work. but also my relationships and activities. Work-wise, much of my job is based on relationship-building and management and collaborating with other organizations on projects.  I put off calling and emailing people because of my anxiety over not having the right words, answers to questions or even because of the potential extra work/emails/calls that these calls might generate.  I notice in meetings or on calls, if I'm nervous, I will visibly shake. This has all gotten worse over the years. In my personal life, I'm putting off planning the details of an amazing trip (flights already booked) because I'm so anxious about the long flight with a toddler - a totally normal thing to be anxious about, I know, but I can't even look at a Lonely Planet book without getting a sense of dread.  

Most people would describe me as outgoing and friendly, I don't think I present as the anxious basket-case I feel inside. My anxiety seems to present as a near paralyzation around tasks and events that I fear.  I've never been to a therapist before.  Would a CBT approach be beneficial? Any other thoughts or recommendations are greatly appreciated.  

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I took the mindfullness and then the anxiety class at Kaiser in Oakland and found them extremely helpful. If you are a Kaiser member this is free, but its also open to non-members at $100 I think. Once a week in the evenings. 

I saw a therapist for years for anxiety. Then I finally decided to try medication - Lexapro at the lowest dose. It's been so beneficial. Much of my mental gymnastics for keeping anxiety at bay is no longer necessary. I'm much less anxious and more even. I don't dwell on stuff, and I'm able to shake things off more easily. I wish I'd tried this sooner. 

Hi! I'd like to recommend a new job and local travel, at least for the time being. Some jobs just aren't a good fit. Think of task-based jobs for which you already have the skills and try that. Set aside those Lonely Planet books until your kids are older. Maybe you actually don't have anxiety, you are just surrounded by situations that are avoidable and not best for your personality, no shame in that.

If your anxiety is performance based (speaking anxiety) look into propranolol. Life changing. CBT is only marginally effective for this, but it's the best non pharmaceutical option.