Malcolm X Transitional Kindergarton - BUSD

We were notified that our daughter was accepted to transitional kindergarten program at Malcolm X next year.  We don't know much about the program or teachers, would love to hear any experiences people had or currently having.  Thank you.

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I have have two kids at Malcolm X and we love it! The youngest is in Kindergarten this year. Last year he was in the TK program. We were very pleased with it. The program is very established now.  The teachers are really good. The whole experience Malcolm X is really enriched by the school's arts programs which the TK kids get to partake in too. They have music, dance and drama classes and performances. They also get to watch the drama performances of the other grades. It really did help 'transition' him to K -- academically and in learning how to function is the elementary school setting. They do a great job integrating them, but also giving them their own space (lunch, recess, etc.). The TK rooms are on a hallway with the kindergarten classes, so they aren't right in the mix with the bigger kids.