Make up shops on 4th Street, Berkeley

 I'd like to update my eye makeup and lipstick and want to hear from others about the make up shops on 4th Street. I would like a low key approach, but most importantly

some one who has  a good eye for the color wheel. I am tired of looking faded.

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Try Nordstrom - the Bobbie Brown counter - it was great for me! Very natural and hip looking

I really like Mac. I had my makeup updated recently too. I'm a mostly jeans and Tshirt kinda gal, but occasionally I like to fancy it up. I walked in with no makeup on and they were really friendly and helpful. I've also had them do my makeup for super fancy party and they did a great job. I was worried they were going to try to go crazy with primary colors or whatever, but they made me look fantastic in my muted style.