Magic the Gathering for 10 1/2 year old

Hello! I have a 10.5 year old boy who loves the card game Magic the Gathering. He is looking for other kids his age to play with. Does anyone know any kids that age that play on a regular basis (in person or online)? or any weekly meetups or summer camps? Thanks! His friends at school aren't really in to it and we don't want him playing with kids that are much older. 

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We love It’s Your Move Games in temescal on Telegraph — it’s woman-owned (Chris is wonderful), geared towards both geeky adults and kids of all kinds :)

Could start by playing with him yourself. I remember it was quite fun as a teenager.

Even pre-pandemic, this was tricky for my then 10/11 yo. Now at 13, he has a friend in person he plays with on the weekend, and there's a club at his middle school that plays once a week. There was a Games section of Camp Blue in summer 2021 that offered MTG as part of the menu (one hour/day), and he liked that a lot. I don't feel comfortable letting him go to the in person meetups at local game stores (if those are even still happening) independently yet. Maybe in high school. Otherwise there is MTG Arena, the online platform, which i don't know too much about so can't say how safe it is. You might want to check in with your local library and see if the kids' librarian is willing to host an MTG meet up once or twice a month (that your child would sort of spearhead), or maybe someplace like Mr Mopps or Toy Go Round would be willing to host a meetup for a kids MTG Club (and let me know if you include 13 yos in that because mine would totally be interested in MORE MTG on the weekends!).

I think that its your move game store in oakland in the temescal has weekly magic the gathering for kids. Hope this helps! 

Hello! Check out D20 game shop on Park St in Alameda. It’s family owned and operated. They hold (used to hold?) open hours for game play. Nice folks who are really knowledgeable. 

My teens are very into MTG and were your kid’s age when they started. Try the youth events at It’s Your Move game store in Temescal. They also do camps. 

I don't know of any groups, but my son is exactly the same age and would like to play. He would also like to play Dungeons and Dragons, which he played remotely for quite a while till he got tired of interacting online. With our generally cooperative East Bay weather, we can find a way for them to play outside (ideally weekends for us). Hopefully a few more people will respond and we'll have a group of kids in the same age range!