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Looking for an experienced Lyme disease specialist for my young adult daughter. I am aware of the best known doctors: Raphael Stricker, Misha Grieter, Sunjya Schweig and Christine Greene. All have waiting lists and of course are quite expensive. Some meet only via teleheath, which seems odd. Do you know of any MDs or Naturopaths who are part of functional medicine groups or integrative health groups who might have specific expertise in teasing out the many facets of Lyme disease and/or co-infections? Thanks.

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First of all, I'm so very sorry that your daughter has been diagnosed with Lyme disease. I have been tested for Lyme (and treated for many other illnesses) by Dr. Todd Maderis of Marin Natural Medicine Clinic, whom I highly recommend. He meets both in person (in Corte Madera) or virtually. He has made a huge difference in my health over the past 6 years. Also, a very dear friend and 2 of her daughters (in the Bay Area) sought his treatment for Lyme and, after a long treatment plan for one of the daughters, they can all now say they are healthy and no longer have symptoms; hooray! I wish your daughter luck and good health.


I'm sorry you have to deal with this. Our family has been on this journey for many years (3 of us). You might want to check with the Bay Area Lyme Foundation or There's also LymeLight Foundation which can provide grants for children 25 and under, it can help with doctor costs, testing, etc. 

Good luck on your journey. Sending hugs. 

I had a difficult but ultimately successful journey  overcoming Lyme disease over a decade ago. The doctor I went to is no longer practicing, and out of the area, but used a combination of alternative medicine (herbs, supplements, vitamins) and traditional antibiotics. He said in his experience both medical approaches led to the best chance of recovery. I also followed various diet restrictions throughout the process that were extremely helpful for reducing symptoms. The book Healing Lyme by Stephen Buchner was incredibly helpful. Lyme disease is a bizarre and aggravating illness, it isn’t well understood by lots of doctors, its symptoms are complicated and inconsistent, and for many people are psychological as well as physical. But it is totally possible to be cured! Patience and commitment are key. Good luck!!