Low cost divorce (no kids no assets)

My adult child has been separated from his wife for over a year and wants a divorce. They have no kids and no assets to speak of. They were going to file uncontested but she has been dragging her feet so he just wants to proceed on his own. I was trying to help him but the paperwork is overwhelming. Can anyone recommend a low cost resource for a straightforward divorce? Thanks.

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I filed my own divorce papers a little over a year ago.  The courthouse in Hayward offers clinics to walk you through the daunting paperwork.  I used a free video series available from the Law Office of Cristin Lowe, https://cristinlowelaw.com/.  The videos were extremely helpful and the divorce was granted.    I hope this was helpful.  Best of luck to your son.

Nolo Press in Berkeley has a lot of great resources from so-it-yourself divorce to estate planning. If you have no kids/assets it’s not a difficult process. Just takes time. Good luck. 

We used "Divorce with Dignity"-- it's a document service, NOT a lawyer, but Cindy Elwell was helpful and efficient, it all went smoothly, and was a fraction the price of a lawyer.  This will work if uncontested (ie foot dragging is due to procrastination, not real issues...)  

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