Lottery for older elementary children

I'm wanting to find out if there is much movement in grades other than kindergarten- that is, if we relocated (we are currently in the Peninsula), are there any spaces in first or second grade for most schools? :)


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Assuming you're asking about Oakland, which is the only East Bay district that really runs a lottery--yes, there are usually some spots in first and second grade at most schools, though the same priorities (sibling, neighborhood) apply to assign these spots. Note that school enrollment for 2019-20 is already underway, so if you're looking at moving for the next school year, you would be a late applicant (and thus lower on the list). If you are wondering about Berkeley, you go through the school assignment process based on where you live, just as you do for kindergarten enrollment. For both districts, if you move mid-year, all bets are off and you usually choose among any current openings (which will vary year to year).