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I'm looking for a VBAC-supportive OBGYN in the East Bay.  I had an emergency C-section for my first due to fetal distress.  Based on some research, I've found recommendations for Kurt Wharton and Richard Rudd.  Any thoughts on those two, or other recommendations?  I'm in Berkeley, so the closer the better.  Also, should I be worried about Alta Bates closing in the next 3 years, or is that a longer-term thing?  Many of the VBAC-supportive OBGYN recs that I found deliver out of Alta Bates.  I have a PPO (not Kaiser).


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I'd avoid Dr. Rudd. Not good bedside manner.

Example: I've had a couple of miscarriages, and at an early visit for the pregnancy that resulted in my younger son, (I was ~10 weeks pregnant) he spent a long time talking about all the great new tests that could be used with a miscarriage to figure out why you had the miscarriage. He talked about this for probably 8 of the 10 minutes I was there. I kept trying to change the subject and then finally had to bluntly say, "I don't want to talk about miscarriages anymore, because I am not going to have one this time and this discussion is making me uncomfortable."

All of the other doctors I've seen in his group are good, though. Easy Bay OBGYN. Most are open to whatever you want to do - VBAC, repeat C-section, etc. 

Hi there! I'm an L&D nurse at Alta Bates, so I can offer you quite a bit of insight on this subject. Any provider that you choose to deliver you at Alta Bates should be supportive of a VBAC (unless there are special circumstances at play). Alta Bates is VERY supportive of VBACS and our rate of women having VBACS is really high. I would highly recommend most of the Dr's at Sutter Foundation (where Dr. Rudd works). I would steer you towards the following Dr's over Dr. Rudd:





Whoever you choose, you will have most or all of your appointments with that doc, but the doc that actually delivers your baby will be whoever is on call at the hospital that day. It may or may not be your doc. And while there are some docs that I like more than others,  I would be ok with any of them being at my delivery.  Have you thought about having a midwife? I just had a baby 2 months ago and could not recommend my midwife enough. Her and her partner do all their deliveries at Alta Bates and would be excellent at supporting you have a VBAC. Here is their website: http://www.gomidwives.com/

Gwen is my midwife, but her partner Ellie is also AMAZING!

Anyways, I could go on and on. Feel free to reach out if you want any more info. I hope this was a helpful start!

I LOVE Meg Jewell, MD (was Meg Mihok until recently). Very VBAC supportive - very supportive in general. Kind and calm. 

I can't offer a recommendation for Dr. Rudd. I was attempting a VBAC and he walked into my hospital room, looked at me from 10 feet away and said "she'll have a c-section." There are several OBs in his practice who are very supportive of VBACs and who I would have been happy to deliver with, but you can't be sure who will be on-call when you deliver.