Looking for therapist who can help with IVF trauma

Although I successfully went through IVF a few years ago, I still have issues that I want to address regarding this experience. Does anyone know of a therapist that has training or specializes in the area of assisted reproduction?

I am in Dublin and open to a therapist anywhere in the Bay Area as I assume many now offer virtual visits. Also this would be private pay and no insurance would be involved. Thanks in advance for any references you can provide! It is wonderful to be a part of the BPN :)

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Hi there! 

As a fellow IVF-er, I totally understanding needing to work through the experience. I saw Nicole Kangas (https://www.drnicolekangas.com/) for many years during my fertility journey and she was an absolute gem! She also has a personal experience with IVF, which I found really helpful in being able to relate to her. 

She does in-person and virtual appointments -- both of which are great. 

Hope this helps! 

Tracy Jones, LCSW tel:510.473.2263

I did some work w her about my own fertility issues. 

Annie Wright, LMFT helped me with my IUI and IVF traumas and then later, when I eventually conceived, my birth trauma (which was extensive but I won't go into details). She's someone that RSC (Reproductive Science Center) actually referred me to while we worked for them. She's a trauma therapist who primarily does EMDR and honestly, it worked wonders for me to the point that it gave me the emotional bandwidth to contemplate having another child (still trying). I had to wait three weeks on her waiting list but it was worth it. Good luck! 

Hi! I can recommend Dr. Donna Rothert. She helped me through my infertility diagnosis, IVF, pregnancy and then postpartum recovery. She was incredibly supportive and knowledgeable about each phase. https://donnarothert.com
I’m not sure if she is accepting new patients but if she isn’t, she may be able to refer another therapist. Best of luck!

I feel your pain! I did IVF and had 2 medically problematic pregnancies. I found Dr. Donna Rothert (https://donnarothert.com/contact/) 4 years ago and can't recommend her enough. Since the pandemic she has been seeing patients virtually so no need to travel to her and she can flex on frequency when you need to have more or less help. You might also check with your insurance about your out of network deductible. Our insurance covers it after a certain point and most therapists can give you a super bill with all of the codes needed for reimbursement. Good luck! 

Hi - I would wholly recommend the therapists at Bloom Therapy SF https://bloomtherapysf.com/. It is a private practice run by two women who specialize in perinatal therapy (working with women and families specifically around reproductive issues and concerns, including the use of IVF and trauma recovery). I have been a client of Sara's for almost a year, and she has been amazing at supporting me through my journey through pregnancy and birth. They are based in SF but provide virtual visits. Good luck with your journey towards healing! :)