Looking for a therapist, neurodiversity affirming

Hello, bpn.

I am looking for a therapist to work with as a neurotypical parent in an autistic household. I feel like I'm missing the mark in being a supportive and loving mother and wife. And like I'm losing my damn mind in all the constant negotiation that is our current family dynamic. I've seen a few different therapists through the years, and after working with people who don't really get it, I would love to find someone who is familiar with neurodiverse couples and families.

Any ideas?

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I am also seeking not only a ND-affirming therapist, but a therapist who IS neurodivergent, for my 20yo daughter.

I don’t have any ideas but feel for you.  My daughter has sensory processing disorder and husband undiagnosed spectrum challenges.  I’ve been treated my whole adult life for ADHD, so I don't understand the avoidance of finding tools to function- especially in a group.  I’m following this thread because I’m about to loose my mind as well.  Not sure if this helps but I step into the “constant negotiations” and remind everyone we’re living in a group.  It’s hard to find people who understand- because any one situation seems to make sense…