Therapist for Parent of Autistic Child

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Counselor Needed for 14 year old with symptoms of autism

Nov 2012

We, the parents of a 14-year old boy, need a counselor (psychotherapist) who is familiar with the autism spectrum. Our son has some autism symptoms, executive functioning problems, and a few learning disorders (handwriting and visual motor problems). We would like to have parental counseling as well as some counseling for our son as he transitions into high school. We are looking for someone in the east bay. The ideal person would accept insurance from Health Net Alta Bates or United Behavioral Health. concerned parents

It is worth the trip to San Francisco to see Dr. Robert Root. He is excellent at working with teens with neurological issues. He also will meet with you as part of the appointment. He is very practical and his suggestions are excellent. He coordinated treatment and testing with our son's neuropsychologist. He is with California Pacific Medical Center and his phone number is 415-600-3636. They take insurance. Good lluck. Anon

Support for South Asian family with autistic child

August 2009

I'm looking for a referral for a therapist who works with south asian families in need of support for living with children with autism. Preferably in the south bay, but east bay and/or peninsula is OK.

America's first, and only, center for South Asian special-needs kids happens to be located right here in the Bay Area. Please contact Jeena ( or (408) 957-0481) and you will find an amazing community. I've known the folks at Jeena for nearly 10 years. Lisa

I would reccommend you contact Dr Naheed Sheikh PhD. She is an excellent therapist who has done a lot of work with individuals and families. Her contact number is 510-759-3351. Sutapa

Support for parent of autistic child

December 2002

My child is moderately autistic, and I need to work through my grief and worry. Does anyone know of a therapist in the N. Berkeley area who is good with parents (and families) of special needs children?

I highly recommend Lucia Milburn, who facilitates several parent groups for families with sp.needs children, and also has a private practice in Berkeley. She will also probably have referrals for you for other groups and/or therapists. Her tel. is 510-540-5138. Tracy

Sharada Thompson in North Berkeley is very sensitive about these issues. She has worked in schools in addition to her work as a therapist and understands many dimensions (practical, emotional, etc.) of the experience of living with these kinds of diagnoses. Dr.Thompson's number is 415-775-0559 Good luck!