Looking For Swimming Coach to help my teen become proficient

My teen can swim, in the sense that they are in no danger in a pool, but they want to become proficient enough to compete in Triathalons. What do people recommend for taking them from splashing around in the pool to proper lap technique? Private lessons? Swim Camp? We live in Rockridge and it would be great if they could get to this by biking but I'll drive them for the right situation.

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There are swim teams through Oakland Parks and Rec that meet at the city pools. I know that there used to be one (pre-COVID) at the pool behind Oakland Tech - dunno if there's one closer to you. Kids develop proficiency by swimming laps and the coaches teach the various strokes (including the butterfly which I believe was concocted by a drunk, vindictive swimming coach who set out to answer the question "what is the most labor-intensive, absurd way to cross a body of water?"). But, I digress. Boy, howdy. They learn, progressing through the lanes based on aptitude. There are weekend meets, which you're supposed to show up to at least a couple of - but if your kid wants to prepare for competition that might not be a bad thing. It's also ridiculously cheap. If the city website indicates that they are filled, I'd go down to the pool and talk to the coach - they're very flexible folks.

My kids have worked with a wonderfully patient and fun young woman for a few years now. Savannah Perry I had been my four kids private swim instructor for a number of years. She is returning to the Bay Area for all of July. If you have a pool, she can give lessons. Savannah was raised in Moraga and is home to get married. 

Three of my kids have ADHD and she has always been so patient and fun with them.  

Savannah Perry can be reached at: +1 (925) 451-2229 via voice or text. 

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