Looking for a super star optical shop

I am very near sighted, have an Asian face with no bridge, need progressives, and eyeglasses that don't fit "just right" give me an instant headache. My go-to optical shop (Emerybay Optics) closed, and I've had a few bleh experiences with other optical shops. It's not that they were bad--but the frames I chose didn't seem to fit properly, or kept sliding, and they didn't seem to know what to do to help. I miss Angel from Emerybay Optics, who could somehow work magic on my frames. Can anyone recommend their superstar optical shop that can help me select a well fitted frame, and then help me keep them from sliding down my face? I already have a great optometrist so I'm just looking for a shop with a wider selection of frames and a good and very patient optician. Thanks!

(Also, does anyone know if Angel from Emerybay Optics is working again anywhere?)

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We don't share a nose shape so I can't be certain this is helpful but my eyeglasses shop is Oakland Vision Center on 20th/Bway and my optician and most of the staff there are Asian American, so it might be a great call! They have always been really supportive and patient when I spent eons picking out frames. :)

It would require you go into the city, but Dr. Kurtbay and his staff at Kurtbay Optometry in SF (at 9th and Irving) is amazing. They have an extensive selection of really nice frames, and they know what they're doing, in terms of fitting glasses to your face. I just got new frames and after the initial fitting I felt there was room for improvement (mild slippage) so I went back, and they made adjustments to the frames right there (in the back) and they're perfect now. I agree that it seems to be a bit of an art form. 

Yes!  Next Eyeware on College Ave in Rockridge.  (5417 College)  They have zero online presence but carry a stellar selection of frames and Melissa will NOT let you leave in poor fitting or ugly frames.  I've been buying my frames from her for 20 years.  I trust her wholeheartedly.  


The optical shop associated and located at the optometry school at Minor Hall at CAL should be equipped to help. A large number of the students who staff the shop, with OD supervision, are also Asian and many wear glasses so I would imagine he personal experience with facial structure challenges you mention.

I've been getting annual exams and glasses there for 20+ years. Very satisfied with their services all around.

I believe Arthur Siu, 290 Grand Ave, Oakland, (510) 451-9157, may be able to help you.  I haven't used them, but I understand they deal with the no-bridge issue regularly.

This may be too far for you to travel, but Nancy, the owner of Uber Optics in Petaluma is amazing. She has a huge selection of frames and seems to know what face types they go best with. She also has a great sense of style. https://www.uberoptics.com/

Dr. Richard Jue and his associates at Viewpoint Optometric in Montclair are super.

I have been seeing them for 20 years. Most accurate prescriptions, best fitting, most durable, best-looking frames.

The Optician in Berkeley is great! 

I'm near sighted and Asian as well, and love love love Simply Vision in downtown San Leandro. The staff are Asian and have been great with fit issues. And super friendly, too!

The Optometry Clinic at Cal has perhaps the largest collection of glass frames I've ever seen.

I recommend checking out Jins eyewear in SF if you haven't already. I believe they are an Asian company and many of their styles are designed to fit Asian faces/nose bridges.

I go to Next Eyewear on College Ave in Rockridge. I don't have the challenges you have with fitting but in my experience Rick, Melissa, and staff are very good at making sure you have the right frames. 

Rockridge Optometry is great.  I have no bridge and they carry frames that fit.

OP here: Sorry, the owner of EmeryBay Optics is Angelito, not Angel. Would love to hear if anyone knows if he is working somewhere else. He was great!

Once I found Lunettes du Monde on 4th street in Berkeley, I stopped looking for glasses anywhere else. They really know face shapes and can help you find your match. Dr. Faiza Dossa is really personable and has a great eye, as do her staff (who are consistent, every time I've gone there I've seen the same longtime employees).