Looking for someone to build new kitchen drawer boxes w/ slides

We have 1950's plywood kitchen cabinets with no drawer slides that leave sawdust behind and are falling apart. We recently installed a new countertop, so we're wondering if we can to find someone who can rebuild the drawers and add sliders rather than replacing the cabinets entirely. We'd also be interested in having this person build a new wooden replacement kitchen table top to be installed on a metal pedestal; the current one is Formica. Appreciate any leads or advice!

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Hi! I would contact BryanSchatz [at] gmail.com. He’s great. He built a table for me and recently built a beautiful home cabin in the woods Washington state. He’s reasonably priced too. 

Try Mickey Waldear, he's a custom cabinet maker who made a lovely custom bath vanity for us. 

Waldear Woodworks
email: mjwaldear [at] comcast.net