Social skills group in Albany, El Cerrito or North Berkeley for 8 year old

My 8 year old has some learning disabilities and is pretty clueless socially, to the extent that her friends have aged out of their friendships with her and she seems unable to make or keep new ones.  She is not on the spectrum, just not processing social information in a successful way, combined with extreme sensitivity.  I know there are highly recommended agencies/clinicians in Oakland running groups but we can't realistically get there.  Any leads or recent experience in a closer radius around Albany would be so very appreciated.  

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I also have an 8 year old who is way clueless socially compared to his peers, also not on the spectrum. (I recently posted a question asking for recent reviews of social skills camps, did not get any specific replies reviewing them.) It's tough. I would also love it if a local therapist was interested in starting a group in the North Berkeley-to-Richmond area. Hint, hint! Meanwhile, we are about to order him one of the social skills workbooks on Amazon. I try to speak with him in an age-appropriate way about observing kids in class and focusing on one or two who seem most similar to him and receptive to friendship. I know that immaturity is part of the issue (and part is his personality) so I try to be patient and celebrate the few occasions where I do see him interacting with peers appropriately. In class is actually his best arena; maybe you and your daughter can brainstorm together places where she feels most comfortable, and talk about making friends in that setting to start with. Sports have proven to not be a good option for my son (his immaturity extends to physicality as well) but maybe a possibility for you.