Looking for small-group or private cooking lessons for 6th grader

My child, who is entering 6th grade and is about to turn 11, is interested in continuing to take cooking lessons. They have done several classes/camps with Cooking Round the World, but we're looking for something a little more personalized. A recent graduate of culinary school came to cook with them for a week this summer in our home, where they had some say about what dishes to make, and that was a big success. I'd love recommendations for someone who could give cooking lessons in the Oakland/Piedmont area under a similar setup - even if not one-on-one, at least groups on the smaller side. Thanks!  

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Having done the other cooking camp, my child (now 12) vastly prefers the approach of Path to Panacea's cooking camps/groups. Highly recommend checking out Chef Alicia's slate of offerings and if they don't work for your schedule, maybe she would be open to private lessons or make a referral.


My son has really enjoyed Kitchen on Fire in Berkeley and Sprouts which has an East Bay and SF program. Both offer one off cooking opportunities and camps.

Good luck!